Boris Johnson

Hello, I'm Boris, pleased to meet you. I was given my name after Boris Johnson as I do look a little on the scruffy side at times! I am a little different to my friends Nigel and Enoch, I have an Owl like appearance but I'm not an Owl, I'm related to the Night Jars! Although I am nocturnal. I spend most of the day lazily perched on a branch camouflaged as part of the tree. I am happy in most environments, heath, forest, woodlands, urban and rural too. My favourite foods are worms, slugs and snails, but I also eat reptiles, birds and frogs. Sometimes food comes to me, I don’t have to go off looking for it, unlike Owls I catch with my beak rather than my talons which is why my feet are quite weak unlike those of my friends. I do make a soft but deep oom oom oom sound, dad says I sound like a bass! I am a very friendly character and love sitting on shoulders :-)


Tawny Frogmouth (Podargus Strigoides)