Hazel Blears

Tango & Hazel European Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo) Hello my name is Tango and this is Hazel. We are both captive bred European Eagle Owls. We are both three years old. I have had two previous owners who weren’t very nice to me :-( I am not fond of being handled by strangers, however I do have a good bond with Dad. I do like to pose and have my picture taken. I weigh 4lbs 7oz, and am 44cm in height and when I stretch out I am over 50cm tall. Hazel weighs a little under 6lbs and is much taller than me! She loves to fly and hunt her own food, catching the odd Rabbit whilst out and about. Hazel spent her first two years in Dorset with a Game keeper called Henry. She is very placid and loves to be handled and stroked. Unlike me, Hazel cannot keep her head still long enough to pose for pictures, so if your lucky enough to take a photo do feel free to share it with us! Our natural habitat is forests and rocky landscapes. We are native to North Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We have various hunting techniques, and will take prey on the ground or in full flight. Our diet consists of rats, mice, chicks, rabbit, roe deer and foxes. We enjoy our weekly coffee morning outings in our local Community, East Preston , and Rustington, if you see us out and about, do come and say hello.


European Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo)