There are 20 of us at the moment and we live in purpose built aviaries which keep us safe when we are not out and about meeting people or getting our daily exercise. Come and have a peek at me and my friends and learn a little about each of us by clicking on our names. You will find information about us as individuals, our diets and other interesting facts.

Winston Churchill & Maggie Thatcher

Little Owls (Athene Noctua )

Denis Healy

White Faced Scops Owl (Ptilopis Granti)


British Barn Owl (Tyto Alba)


Indian Eagle Owl (Bubo Bengalensis)

Hazel Blears

European Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo)

Mo Mowlam

Mexican Striped Owl (Asio Clamator)

Paddy Ashdown

Ashy Faced Owl (Tyto Glaucops)

Boris Johnson

Tawny Frogmouth (Podargus Strigoides)

Nigel Farage

Spectacled Owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata)

Enoch Powell

Asian Brown Wood Owl (Strix Leptogrammica)

Ann Widdecombe & Edwina Currie

European Eagle Owls (Bubo Bubo)

Alistair Darling

Snowy Owl (Bubo Scandiacus)

Virginia Bottomley

Tawny Owl (Strix Aluco)

Archie & Ernie

Harris Hawks (Parabuteo Unicinctus)


Black Barn Owl (Tyto Alba)


Common Barn Owl (Tyto Alba)


European Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo)