Get Hands On


We attend many different types of events, locally and throughout Sussex. We offer a hands on experience to Nursing and Residential Homes, Schools, Birthday Parties and team building sessions to name but a few. We also provide Static Displays for fetes, fairs and community events. We bring along a compliment of 5-8 Owls. Whatever your event we will create an experience to suit your needs. Our aim is to get closer to the public, educating people about me and my magnificent friends.

Animal Welfare

Me and my friends are legally held in captivity and have the correct documentation which is available on request. Andy and Zsi spend considerable time ensuring we have a varied and well balanced diet, one which provides each of us with the correct vitamins and minerals needed to keep us in the best possible condition. We are transported in our purpose designed boxes, we are lucky as we each have our own! Mam and Dad know us all very well and ensure we are ready to meet and greet you all. Like everyone, we are no different and do have occasional days when we are a little off colour. If for any reason any of us show any signs of discomfort, tiredness or stress they will remove us from the display. For those of you who have already met us, you'll know we do come first :-)