Our First Post

This being our first blog, we'd like to start with a big hello from all of us Owls and Hawks. The past few weeks have been really busy for us all. The first thing we have had to do, be trained to fly, yes we all fly, we are feathered birds and it does come naturally! Flying to people's hands does not come naturally to us though, it can be quite scary especially when people move around to quickly for us to land safely and it becomes a flyby!!! Ha ha. We have been out and about quite a bit of late, each of us taken out daily, you may have bumped into us down the sea front in Littlehampton, coffee in Prestons(East Preston) or Rustington and walking on the South Downs, we love it up there. We are visiting Sarah today at her home so the family can have a great hands on experience, our next booking will be for the over 65's Lunch club in East Preston, we look forward to all the cuddles and maybe some lunch with the lovely people there. We have a twitter page that we update daily, please follow us, we do follow back. That's it for now, please come back and check out our pictures from time to time, feel free to leave a comment or contact us with any questions or maybe your own experience. Twit a woo from the birds.

By: Andy

Thu, Jun 28th 2012, 18:39